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Stop Doing Cardio to Burn Fat! Try Nutrition Instead!

“Aerobic Exercise will help me burn more fat......WRONG!!!!”

I’m sorry to say, this sadly, isn’t the case!

Yes, aerobic exercise utilizes more percentage of fat as fuel! However, our bodies become more efficient at this process! In an article by Fitness Together (I thought this was a great way to put it), if a car runs on gas and becomes more efficient on fuel, it would expend less gas and need less fuel!

Our bodies adapt in much the same way!

Have you ever noticed some people at the gym who train on the treadmill or elliptical for months on end but never really go through a sound “body transformation?”

Even according to research, aerobic exercise’s effects on fat loss have been negligible (Journal of Obesity)!

Have you ever noticed that some people lose more fat by skipping the processed snack foods than those who started hitting the treadmill for an hour a day?

What gives!

The fat loss focus needs to be on nutrition first! Then exercise that keeps our metabolism high, like resistance and high intensity interval training!


Check out your next fitness program!

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