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Restaurant Survival Guide

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

“I need to change my body, but I have all of these business lunches!” “I want to change my body, but my significant other always wants to dine out!” “I need to change my body, “insert circumstance here!” Are you or anyone you know that person who is in a situation where eating out is the norm? However, you still have fitness and nutrition goals you want to hit! Check out the Restaurant Survival Guide to help you survive the daily business lunch! 1) Stick to the Plan! If you are on a low carb plan, intermittent fasting plan, or any other plan, be sure to order foods that adhere to your plan. If you are on a low carb plan, many restaurants have low carb options. If they do not, you can certainly see if can order the burger without a bun and swop the fries for a salad. You can also omit the bread! Ask to see if you can get something else instead. 2) Plan Ahead! Look at the menu ahead of time and know what you are ordering. When you get to the restaurant, do not even look at the menu! All the other high calorie, high carb meals will likely be tempting! 3) Do not go past full! Restaurant portions are huge! You can eat more than your daily calories literally in one meal! Eat 1/4 -1/2 of the meal and save the rest for a second meal, or give to someone else! 4) Don’t be afraid to Swop! This goes with point #1! Swop out fries for salad or fruit, swop out heavy and sugary sauces for ones with no sugar and contain high quality fats (like olive oil). Swop the free bread for nothing or see if they can get something else! 5) Fill up on Protein and Veggies! Since protein and a calorie deficit seem to be what it takes to burn fat, if you are indulging, eating a little extra protein and veggies is likely better than eating that extra slice of bread! Not to mention it will help you feel fuller, longer! 6) Go to Restaurants that can serve your nutritional needs! It may be hard to eat low carb at a sports bar! Likely you can use tips 2 and 4 to plan ahead and make substations, however, environment is powerful. If you are around pizza and burgers, there is a higher temptation than if you are at a place that serves organic health food! Hopefully these suggestions help! If you have any questions, feel free to Email Us!

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