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2.75 inches Down and Playing Ball!!

Congratulations Sam!!!

Sam has lost 2.75 inches of his waist and has been improving his physcial abilities, including continuing to play sports such as baseball, even after retirement!  

Check it out from Sam's own words!!

"I’ve exercised and weight trained on my own for most of my adult life until I connected with Adam. Working with Adam has been a game changer for me physically. There is so much exercise information out there it is impossible to determine on your own what is best. Adam has been able to create a training plan that has significantly improved my flexibility, mobility and strength. Plus an added benefit of reducing my weight and waist line! I am very pleased with my results and look forward to continuing on my fitness journey with Adam."  

-Sam S!  

250+ lbs Down!!

Congrats Shari!!! What a Body Transformation!!!

Shari and her son have been working out with us since August!  They where new to working out, however Shari had already lost 200lbs (big accomplishment already!) before starting with us!  Although she was happy with having already lost 200lbs, she was stuck on how to lose her next 50 and get to her goal weight!    

How did she accomplish such a feat? She simply followed the nutrition plan (kept in her calories and macro nutrients) and workouts consistently and religiously! She always made good choices when in less than great circumstances (like when co-workers bring donuts into the office, she said no to it) and very seldom missed workouts!

Nope, she hasn't done the super sexy or special fitness or nutrition plan!!!  She kept it simple, stayed consistent!! 

Special Note: Her son is also over 40lbs down!!

Congratulations to Shari and her son for such awesome accomplishments!!

Your Success Stories

Check out the lives that Coach Brown has helped change!



​“Adam has a great way of understanding which areas to focus on to help you achieve the goals you want! Whether it's strength training, mobility, or just helping you stay healthy, Adam shows you what to do to continue the process.

He's also able to pinpoint target areas you didn't know were giving you issues, so that has been very helpful for me these last couple of weeks. I highly recommend Brown Performance for your personal fitness needs!"

 - Shaun M. 

“Adam continues to push(with restrictions) and motivate everyday. Each workout is better than the last and we all look forward to the next and feel stronger each time.


Grateful to have a trainer that is truly connected to each client. #Teambrownperformance #momsgonestrong

- Mary S.


"Over the years I have explored many avenues in the pursuit of fitness, Adding a personal trainer to my regular routine has affected my metabolism and has elevated my level of strength and stamina. As a personal trainer Adam is very professional, always on time, always ready to go. His programming is always different and always challenges you to reach beyond what you think you can achieve.He is always pleasant and I would highly recommend him as a trainer."

Nancy S.


"I am very grateful for Adam and the good influence he has had on my strength and overall wellness. I have been a private client of his since Fall 2017 and Adam is always punctual, professional, and prepared for our sessions, as well as pleasant and interesting to spend time with.


I was diagnosed with a short-term foot problem shortly before we started working together. Adam has been careful to work around that limitation and choose exercises that help my fitness while avoiding re-injury.


Adam is incredibly educated about many facets of exercise. He has a talent for setting up a session of weight circuits--different every time, to keep me engaged--aimed toward my goals, and then leading me through that session with correct form and genuine encouragement.


He also gives me support and strategies for eating mindfully without being pushy or judgmental. Adam's kind concern and enthusiastic knowledge enable me to get efficient results with the limited workout time I have."

- Liza


“Adam is an excellent trainer who caters to all ability levels. His education and experience in the realm of personal fitness help him custom design a training regimen that meets your needs, regardless of initial ability. He is flexible, motivational, and always accommodating."

- Jim H.


"I am 52 years old and injured my left knee while randomly going down some stairs in my house.  I had reconstructive surgery on that knee in the 80’s, but up to that point had no problems.  Prior to the injury, I had been working out at the boot camp program at Fitness Revolution in Westlake for about 5 years.  After of the injury, I underwent arthroscopic surgery, which activated some degenerative arthritis that had been progressing in the knee for years. 


After the surgery, it was tough getting up and down stairs and any type of running or high impact exercise was out of the question.  Just too painful.  I struggled for almost a year trying to increase my strength and flexibility.  Worked out with bands, stretched a lot and did my PT. 


Nothing seemed to work and I seriously questioned whether or not I would ever get back to any type of training.  I was desperate, so I signed up with Adam for personal training, something I had never done before.  He assessed my fitness level, flexibility and (lack of) strength in my left leg.  I had been out of boot camp training for about a year and, that point, was feeling low.  We started slow and progress was tough.  He kept on me and kept me in good spirits during the long road back. 


After a couple of weeks, he had me doing things I thought I would never do again – squats, jump rope, kettle bell swings.  There are only a few exercises I can’t do anymore.  He released me to go back to my group class at Fitness Revolution after about 2 months.  I am incredibly impressed with Adam’s knowledge and effectiveness.  I really thought my days of working out were over and am grateful that he has given that back to me.  I would recommend him to anyone.  Thanks Adam!"


 - Marc S.


"Adam Brown has been an absolute godsend for someone like me! Even though I had been dieting and moving around, I had no idea just how bad my mobility was. Lower back pain, waddling from side to side when I walk, difficulty moving heavy objects more than a few feet... It was absolutely embarrassing to be a big guy and not be able to help my girlfriend move into her apartment. Not to mention that my career as a dramatic opera singer was at risk. Even though I had the voice, no one wanted to hire me because of how I moved and looked. Needless to say, I was desperate!


I reached out to Adam at Fitness Revolution and we started working over some of the things that needed improvement. The wealth of knowledge that he brought to each session was extensive, and something I’ve never seen in a trainer before. One of the biggest concerns I had was working with a trainer while being able to maintain a flexible core while singing. Adam has worked diligently at trying to strengthen the core while making sure the elasticity doesn’t fade.


I was also fearful of being judged for how I let my body get so dilapidated. I’m so glad that I chose Fitness Revolution and started working with Adam because it did not matter what I looked or felt like when I walked in the first time, it was all about getting me to where I need to be to function as a person and as a performer. I’ve built an awesome relationship with Adam during this journey and he’s always pushing me to go farther than I want to, but not too far to where I risk an injury. I’m absolutely impressed with the tools Fitness Revolution utilizes to help me learn how to take these exercises on the road! 


One of the things I love most is the positive atmosphere you walk into, no matter which staff member is there. Another thing I love about working with Adam and Fitness Revolution is that they listen to your needs as a client. As a singer, this was absolutely vital for me. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing other clients come in and work with Adam as well, and his approach is suited directly to each individual’s needs. Truly one of the finest places to seek a personal trainer in town!"


 - Shaun McGrath, Tenor

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